Outside of the Office

I know this might sound a bit cliché, but I like to play as hard as I work. A career is only as healthy as the individual involved.

I am happily married to my gorgeous wife and mother to my little 1-year-old monster who takes up, joyously I might add, most of my time after work and on weekends.

I enjoy running and have completed a couple of half marathons and you will find me at the park runs on most Saturday mornings just to get the weekend off to a flyer.

I also enjoy team sports, action cricket and action netball (yes, guys actually do this) have been a favourite since I don’t get that much time anymore to play full time club cricket or rugby.

I also have a musical side where I enjoy playing drums and I dabble a bit, really like a bit in guitar. I recently started taking violin lessons and I have to say that I have taken a real liking to it. You will not see me in a symphony orchestra soon, but I could be crashing some family weddings pretty soon…

Golf is a great way for me and my friends to spend time, as well as the odd work golf day where I get to enjoy myself with work colleagues and clients a like. I would not say I am good, but I do really enjoy a day out and the 19th being a personal favourite.

On a charity side I have not been as involved as I would like to be, I have been to the odd company Nelson Mandela day events but not on my own accord, which I would really like to start looking into.

I also risk the odd new contraption in the kitchen to my wife’s dismay and sometimes, not most, sometimes, it comes out a huge success.